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Barnsdall Park Art Classes Registration

More than 200 people lined up early to register for printmaking, ceramics, jewelrymaking, drawing, painting and many other classes offered by the Barnsdall Art Center atop Olive Hill in LA.

Barnsdall Art Center Summer Show 2009

In this haven on the hill, wonderful art classes in painting, sculpture, silversmithing, weaving, ceramics, printing, creative writing etc serve the residents of Los Angeles. These inexpensive classes are taught by gifted instructors under the Cultural Affairs Department of Los Angeles. Also found at this location is the Municipal Art Gallery, Junior Arts Center, Barnsdall Art Center, Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, and Shakespeare in the Park. Work shown in this video highlights the many talented artists that attend these classes.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House

Aline Barnsdall's family built an empire from their endeavors in the oil industry, which allowed her the luxury of commissioning Frank Lloyd Wright to design this marvelous construction. The house embodies the recurring theme of Mayan Revivalism found in many of Wright's other projects - known for using large stones, introverted windows, courtyards, and ornately designed accompaniments. Water is meant to flow from a pool in the courtyard through an underground tunnel to this inside moat, and out again to a fountain. The Hollyhock plant is a repeating motif of the architecture and is used in many of the details around the property.

Restoring the Romanza - The Rehabilitation of Hollyhock House

This is a 2 minutes trailer of the full documentary "Restoring the Romanza-The Rehabilitation of Hollyhock House" directed by Giorgio Carlevaro, about the historic work done on Hollyhock House. This clip will give you a glimpse into the only film record of the rehabilitation of Hollyhock House. You can follow the link and watch the full documentary "Restoring the Romanza-The Rehabilitation of Hollyhock House"